Gamze Seber is an actress, performance artist, as well as yoga and meditation instructor based in London.

Gamze was awarded Masters in Law from Vienna University in 2007 and she subsequently pursued a PhD in Human Rights Law. However, she soon realised that the most potent way to express her strongly-held views on all kinds of social inequality shall be through art, which prompted her to abandon her career in Law. Gamze’s beliefs in the power of art to act as a catalyst for social change have culminated in her debut video art piece entitled Breath (2015) for which she was awarded a special prize (Video Art Performance) in the 7th International Passion for Freedom Festival, London.

Gamze has performed in several theatres in her native Istanbul and Vienna in both English and German. She has an extensive repertoire in short films, commercials, and music videos, and has starred as the lead female in the British feature film One Night in Istanbul (2014).

Gamze studied Physical Theatre at CGSM (Contemporary Performing Arts Centre) in Istanbul under the Ecole Jacques Lecoq`s teachers with the collaboration of the ESAD (Paris City High Conservatory). Subsequently, she was awarded a scholarship to study at LISPA (London International School of Performing Arts).

Gamze is a professionally trained dancer in diverse traditional and contemporary dances such as Tango, Salsa and the Japanese Butoh dance for which she trained with the renowned Aiko Kazuko and Ko Murobushi. Fascinated by the rich qualities of movement and breathing, Gamze has studied Tao-Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher training and has also graduated from the Meditation Teacher Training Programme in Istanbul where she gained invaluable knowledge  in understanding the body, mind and spirit interconnections. She has also spent extended time in India to practice Kundalini Osho Meditation, Tai Chi and Chi Gong.

Gamze has performed in the 3rd and 4th No Borders Project (a  combination of dance, theatre and visual arts) in Tenerife and Bali and has been the fascilitator of the 1st Dance and Nature Project in Tenerife.

Gamze now combines physical theatre with dance, Chi Gong and Tai Chi to bring a different approach to acting by integrating movement, breathing and voice. She currently delivers workshops on Awareness of Your Creativity and Inner Power.


2013 – Galip Derviş
2011 – Kurtlar Vadisi
2010 – Melekler Korusun
2010 – Akasya Durağı


2014 – One Night in Istanbul
2013 – Recep İvedik 4


2008 – Kultur mich doch am Arsch


2014 – DeFacto
2014 – Vitasure
2013 – Eti
2012 – Turkcell