my Wonderland…

Life moves forward so quickly… When I set off on this adventure in 1992, if someone were to tell me that I would be at where I am right now – own a prestigious agency and an office in London – I would have never believed it. But if you believe in yourself and ın what you do, you will have the motivation to keep going, even if you make some very big mistakes on the way (which I have, and I am glad that I have). Time since then has been more than a simple adventure; it’s a collection of memories, from being a kindergarten teacher to here, some good and some bad, moments of pure joy and sobbing tears. It has been a challenging and tempestuous, but equally delightful journey so far. There is always a good team behind every successful venture. You must be lucky to meet bright and promising individuals, as I did… You must have people around you to share the good and the bad.
To my team and the artists, voice-over talents who we have had the opportunity to accompany on their professional careers, you are all amazing and full of colour! If our paths have converged at one point in our lives, it must certainly be for a reason, and a good reason… Let’s head together towards many more years filled with joy and love. I am genuinely grateful for having you in my life. And to my family, my beautiful family who have always believed in me and supported me, Thank you! You are the reason for everything. Also, thanks to the production companies, advertising agencies and all of our business partners for their faith in my team and me, and for lending us their unwavering support in our long journey.
The Duygu Başara family will remain as brilliant, sincere, honest and compassionate as always.


Active in the movie, TV and advertising sectors since 1992, the Duygu Başara Agency started off as a casting agency, adding dubbing and voice-over services to its talent offerings later in 1997. The Agency soon became one of the most recognised and, respected agencies in the sector and in 2010, the organisation further enhanced its range of services by starting to work as a talent agent. Today, the agency handles the professional contracts of Turkey’s leading film and TV actors and voice-over talents.

Representing many local and international voice-over artists, the Duygu Başara Agency is proud to manage Turkey’s most comprehensive voice bank. The Agency opened a branch office in London in 2016. With the experience it gained in Turkey, the Agency seeks to be a ground breaker in the realm of professional services. From advertising to TV shows, to movies to animated cartoons, and from
digital films to documentaries, the Duygu Başara Agency continues to work with local and international voices and actors.